The Track is open to the community from dawn till dusk including weekends and holidays.  The community use gate is located under the stadium bleachers; in front of the concession stand.  If the track is snow covered, the track will be closed.  If there is a school event- game, track meet, practice, etc. community members are not permitted on the track at that time.  While school is in session, community use may be restricted at the teachers’ discretion.  The playing field and stands are off limits.  No non-motorized vehicles (bicycles, rollerblades, etc.) and motorized vehicles are allowed in the stadium.  No spikes or cleats are allowed on the track or field during community use.  Community members are encouraged to use the outer 4 lanes.  Those who vandalize or abuse the community use privilege may be prosecuted and will be banned from the facility.  Wellness Council of Boyertown (WCB) and the Boyertown Area School District encourage proper use of this community facility. Please show respect for the facilities and all of the property.  Neither the Boyertown Area School District nor the WCB provide security or supervision over the track and field area. Use of the track facility is subject to the sole risk of the user(s) and the BASD and the WCB assumes no responsibility for any injury that may occur.


Community Use Information